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Quick Information:

Trash & Recycling Pickup Schedule


34 South 9th Street

16 South 10th Street

24 South 10th Street

34 South 10th Street

0911 School Street

1019 School Street

1029 School Street

1254 Washington Street

742 Locust Street

906 Gompers Avenue


1071 Philadelphia Street

Carpet, Upholstery & Cleaning Charges

There shall be a charge of $200.00 per resident for the cleaning of the resident's apartment after term of lease; however, if the bathtub, shower, or stove are in need of a second cleaning due to excessive dirt, scum, grease, or burnt food, then an additional charge of $10.00 per hour plus cost of materials will be charged to the resident(s).

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning are the responsibility of tenants prior to check-out. Tenants must provide proof of cleaning to ensure costs of cleaning are not subtracted from the tenant's security deposit.
Runco Rentals will charge the following amounts for cleaning:

One Bedroom $75.00
Two Bedrooms $85.00
Three Bedroom $95.00
Four Bedroom $100.00
*Heavy Soiled Area $25.00
*Stairs $25.00
*Couch $45.00
*Chair $25.00

*Please see Addendum To Lease for additional itemized charges.

Weekly Outdoor
Inspections Info

Our maintanence department will perform weekly outdoor inspections every Monday.

Garbage, cigarette butts, and any other debris around the exterior of the property is the responsibility of the tenant(s).

Trash and recycling containers must be stored at the designated area for the unit.

*Each infraction will result in a $50.00 charge divided equally amongst the tenant(s).

*Cigarette butt removal will be charged the additional labor of $25.00 per hour.

Please keep your space and our properties clean, our suggestion is to walk around the property Thursday evning prior to our weekly inspection to avoid charges.

*Only cash payments will be excepted.

Utility Contact Information

First Energy/Penelec:
1+ (800) 545-7741

1+ (800) 660-2215

Comcast Cable:
1+ (800) 266-2278

Peoples Natural Gas:
1+ (800) 764-0111

PA American Water Co.:
1+ (800) 474-7292

Parking Information

On site parking is available for both semester and annual purchase. View our parking registration form for pricing. Please return a completed and signed form ASAP along with full payment, and a copy of each of the vehicle’s registration card, insurance card and your driver's license. These spaces are all on a first come first serve base. Missing items will delay your place in line for a parking space. NO parking permit will be issued unless all paperwork is present in our business office.

Vehicles parked in Runco Rentals' lots that are not displaying the RUNCO RENTALS PERMIT will be considered illegal parking, and towed at the owner's expense. All towing will be done by Buggey's Exxon, please contact them at 724-463-3851 if your vehicle has been towed.

Mattress Policy

Runco Rentals will provide each tenant with a bed frame capable of supporting a single (39" x 75") mattress. It is the tenant's responsibility to provide a mattress and to remove or dispose of their mattress upon checking out.

A $30.00 fee will be charged for any mattress left in the unit after checking out.*

*Please see Addendum To Lease for additional itemized charges.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Each apartment is different. Check out our web site: . Under property listings it will list Tenant and Owner’s responsibility for utility usage services for specific properties. Our team works with you to ensure transfers between the landlord and tenant processes smoothly. Cable/Internet is the responsibility of tenants.


Yes, we accept Financial Aid students. We have a specific payment plan for this type of student. Payments are due around the time that student’s disbursement checks arrive ( Fall & Spring ). Our team will work with students and families to develop a payment plan that will work with your financial situation. Contact our business office at 724.349.0152 with your questions.


Yes, all our apartments are furnished with the following: Kitchen: Frig, Stove, Kitchen Table & Chairs; Living Room: Couch, Coffee Table and/or End Tables; Bedroom: Bed Frame & Dresser. Students are responsible for their own mattress. ( Mattress Size: 39 X 75 ).


Runco Rentals has parking lots @ most on-site properties; along with numerous parking lot locations throughout the Indiana Borough. Our team tries to locate your vehicle as close to your leasing property as possible. Vehicle Registration Forms are mailed out mid-July to all incoming tenants. Tenants are also able to download our Vehicle Registration Forms off our website ( ). Runco Rentals Parking Permits are on a first come first serve base.


Yes, we rent to students who only need housing for one semester, whether that be Spring or Fall only. Contact our business office at 724.349.0152 to discuss your options.


Leasing tenants that are required or need to be in Indiana over the summer months can sign a Supplement Lease Agreement with us. At that time we will determine an amount based on your need for housing.


Leasing tenants that are required or need to be in Indiana over break can sign a Supplement Lease Agreement with us. At that time we will determine an amount based on your need for housing.